Street Rail Rollercoaster Kit

Street Rail Rollercoaster Kit

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    Yet another way to enhance your Street Rail experience, the Subrosa Rollercoaster Kit! Easily convert two Street Rails into a rollercoaster rail spot in minutes. The Rollercoaster kit provides the platform for you to learn new, innovative tricks and elevate your rail game on a unique and challenging set up. Keep your progression full speed ahead with the Subrosa Rollercoaster Kit.



  • Requirements: An additional Subrosa Street Rail or a friend with one!
  • 7" gap width between Street Rails
  • Same 18" Height and 8' length as the Subrosa Street Rail
  • Extra wide, rubber padded foot for grip and stability
  • Large bolt holes in foot for optional ground connection
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

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